Final Plot

 The final chapter: After finishing the fourth boss, come to the street first, walk while reflecting your thoughts on this world The protagonist feels absurd after beating the four bosses, and uses these extreme emotions to justify the world. "walking the streets" Inside the Protagonist: A lot of things happened these days. Things that I would never imagine to happen to me before. But those people...those I met, or I knew before, were found so ridiculous. Maybe they are successful in common view, but they were so immersed in their own emotions and attitudes. Even use their extreme sentiments to justify their horrible behaviors. Aren't they more ridiculous than what I was before? After walking the streets, go home: somewhat cynical state Drink to relieve your current state then go to bed Final boss fight: Talk to yourself and reflect yourself Awareness of one's own indifference and desire is also an absurdity You can’t deny while being aware + learn to control After de

Kitchen Charlie Plot

 The man who holds all those power over you smiled, asking if you would like to go to dinner together. Boss (Boss): “Come, it will be nice. It’s going to be a quality bonding time for us and the office, don’t you think?” MC: I didn't like what I saw in his eyes. MC: I never liked it, but never have that alarm in your brain beamed that loudly. MC: Could I be deafened by thoughts in my mind? MC: “There is a family emergency that I need to attend to, see, my sister's daughter needs to be picked up and my sister's out of town... I do really appreciate the offer, though, that must be a wonderful place to dine. Please do enjoy it.” MC: I hope my smile could express enough about my sorry. MC: No restaurant will take me away from that sweet bed of mine now that I am off of work. MC: Or, I am very mistaken. [I was just walking out of the subway station when I bumped into Chief(Charles).] Chef Appearance Description: [A slim, middle-aged woman, her physique hidden under that baggy ch

Boss Plot

 – Scenario 3 option A- the first to fight the boss First Floor of the Office building: Boss: MC, go to the restaurant with me after work. Choice: Option A: Go to the restaurant Boss: Wise choice   "Transition, directly after the meal" In the restaurant: Boss: It is the well-known “Feast” restaurant that someone like you may never have the opportunity to get into in their entire life without recommendation! The protagonist's heart: Well that's true, it's not gonna happen without your force.         It is a very…luxurious place that even doesn’t seem like a place just for eating. Boss: And there will be an incredibly prestigious figure here today! Be careful, don’t spoil my chance of promotion. Don’t try to use your stupid mind to fucking mess around. The protagonist’s heart: Ah yeah, that’s the true purpose. Make sense.   "Free time to explore" (Meals on the table) The dishes seem expensive and delicious, but gave me a weird feeling … Especially the meat

Bar Plot with Sim

 Option B scene: go to the bar to have a drink and relax, lust boss On the day: - Working overtime late, encountering lust when going to bars - The protagonist thinks the bar is boring and wants to leave, and lust approaches him - Lust seduces him, two people have a fling, the protagonist's inner entanglement, passively controlled by lust - Lust deliberately proposed to go to his house to play, seeing that Lust also has restaurant stuff - The protagonist asks about the restaurant - Lust explained: the relationship between oneself and the boss - Lust, some fragrance - The protagonist is too lazy, he entered it 🛀, and came out before finishing washing, which was shorter than the estimated time of Lust, and when he came out, he found that Lust was drugged - Play directly - After the fight, search the boss's room to find clues and evidence of human organ removal - Awakening: Enjoy and discover your own lust, a kind of enjoyment of being controlled and involuntary Worked late, met

Opening Plot

 -(openning) You gasped, soundlessly, powerlessly. You were lying still in the middle of nothing. Nothing, except the giant bulb of light slowly rising, probably floating.  You squinted, not fast enough to block the light that have forced through your eyeballs. Tears began to form around that delicate part of your body. Laughter. High-pitched, trembling, hysterical, familiar. You know that voice. You know it, for some unpleasant reason which you have no clue about. And that face, and that touch, and that warmth from the coarse fingertip. Fingernail scratched the thin layer of skin that were now tightening painfully around your trembling arm. Your eyes were wide open before you realized. You were startled, trying to get away from that omnipresent…being. How impossible. “Stay away from me!” #speaker:P #portrait:neutural #tachie:none The laughter, again, closing and rising, until as if sound only has filled every corner of the space and denuded your sanctuary of nothingness. You stared at

Welcome and Introduction

  Emotional Damage Description: Where do emotions come from? What do they have in their relationship with us? Are people complete with these emotions, or they are just exaggerating some emotions from others?  Facial expressions are always combined with our inside emotions. The cliché “if look can kill” is demonstrating we are consistently having an “emotional battle” with other people. What if You are just a normal guy who had to get to work every day with boring jobs, emotion is not much needed for you as that does not increase your salary, but the mysterious figure appeared night after night in your dream.  Who is ‘it’? What are the stories hidden behind four distinct figures you may encounter through your adventure? What does “emotion” mean to you? With the game continues, you can unlock more (face) expressions that can affect your stats and skills.  EYEBROWs:  HAPPY: recover your HP. SAD: spend 1/4 max hp and immune for 1 turn. ANGRY: 100% damage back to attacker. EYEs: HAPPY: deal